Agriculture is an important component of the economy of the Greenbrier Valley Region. The rolling hills and fertile soil are home to the production of fruits, vegetables, and livestock, with cattle and turkey production being a major contributor to the local farm economy.  As of the 2012 Census of Agriculture from the USDA, Greenbrier, Monroe, and Pocahontas Counties had a combined 2004 farms.  These farms encompass 453,272 acres of land. The market value of products sold from these farms totals in excess of $117 million per year.
Starting in 2010 with the Greenbrier Valley Local Foods Initiative, the Greenbrier Valley Partnership has emphasized the importance of agriculture on the regional economy and has worked to support local food-focused businesses by working with farmers, markets, retailers, restaurants, distributors, and schools, and international companies like Aviagen Turkeys, which has extensive holdings in the region.
The Partnership is also a partnering organization with Sprouting Farms Appalachian Croft & Training Center, a non-profit farm training center located in Summers County, WV.  Sprouting Farms believes that long-lasting impact is created by training new farms in quality and sustainable production techniques, and providing shared resources and educational opportunities to the whole farm community.

The Greenbrier Valley Partnership is home of Greenbrier Valley Grown (GVG), a local foods aggregation and distribution entity that works to provide consumers in southeastern West Virginia with access to locally grown, nutrient dense foods. This in turn helps increase economic return to the food producers within and around the Greenbrier Valley.

The Greenbrier Valley Grown logo certifies that “local” foods are truly locally produced, so when consumers see the GVG logo (on a product, at a restaurant, or at the local farmers’ market), they can be assured that the foods being sold as “local” truly are local. Greenbrier Valley Grown is becoming a regionally recognized brand and working on expanding into even broader markets.